Almonds and Your Oral Health

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Do you like snacking on almonds? If so, we’ve got some awesome news for you! Almonds are a super, tooth-healthy snack. Here are a few reasons we’ve amassed explaining why almonds are so helpful for your teeth and what you can do to allow them to help fortify your oral health:

Almonds are easy to eat, just as are candies. Unlike most candies, almonds don’t contain very much sugar, meaning they won’t stockpile as much plaque on your teeth. Feel free to eat a handful of almonds every now and then! The calcium and protein in almonds also help to protect and support your teeth against destructive bacteria that can cause cavities and periodontal disease. Next time you’re heading for a bag of jelly beans, try enjoying some whole almonds instead!

To put some more almonds to your meal plan, try bagging some as a snack in your lunch. They’re yummy thrown onto salads, and they can add a subtle kick to chicken meals. If you’re lactose intolerant, almond milk (unsweetened) can be a great substitute for milk.

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