Bruxism: What It Is and What to Watch For

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Did you know that bruxism can wear down your teeth, and even lead to chipping or cracking, often without you even knowing when it has occurred? This is because bruxism is the act of grinding your teeth while unconscious, and is most often displayed when a person is asleep.

However, not all forms of bruxism happen when asleep. Because stress and anxiety can play a role in the formation of bruxism, you should try meditative techniques such as yoga or calming music when you start to feel overly stressed or anxious.

Spotting the signs of bruxism is important, as the disorder can potentially go on for years before a person ever pinpoints their ailments. Always check your teeth and gums for any signs of damage after you wake up every morning. Have you ever noticed any chips or cracks that have no explanation of how they got there? Is the cheek tissue on your mouth heavy damaged? Do your teeth look excessively worn or shorter than usual? If so, you may be suffering from bruxism.

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