Habits That Can Adversely Effect Your Oral Health

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It is obvious that there is a lot that goes into cultivating a healthy smile. Apart from all the things you should do, there are many habits that you should stay away from as well. Many of the routine things that you do, some without even realizing it, are affecting your oral health on a daily basis.

In order to maintain good oral health, the following should be avoided:

– Using Your Teeth as Tools: Your teeth are meant for eating and should not be used for anything else. Without thinking about it you may use your teeth to open something, rip some tape or to pry something open. When you use your teeth as a tool, you put yourself at a higher risk for cracking your teeth, injuring your jaw or even accidentally swallowing something.

– Constant Snacking: This habit puts you at a higher risk for cavities. Especially when what you snack on contains sugar. Food particles are given more opportunities to wear away at your tooth enamel when you snack.

– Brushing Too Hard: Brushing for two minutes twice daily is the recommended oral health regimen. Brushing after each meal can be beneficial too. However, it is important to be careful not to brush too vigorously as this can damage teeth and irritate your gums.

– Nail-Biting: Nervous habits like nail-biting can chip your teeth (especially the two front teeth) and can even impact your jaw if the habit is serious.

Measures should be taken to reduce, or ideally, to eliminate these bad habits as they can cause serious dental damage if left unattended. At Pooley Dentistry in Loves Park, Illinois, we are equipped to help you become aware of the habits that are affecting your oral health and helping you find solutions to stop them. If you are concerned that you have suffered dental damage due to one of the above-mentioned habits or another habit not listed, please call at 815-968-5434 to schedule an appointment for an oral evaluation with our dentist, Dr. Steven Pooley.