Improve Your Oral Health with Dental Sealants

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If you wish to protect your child’s smile against the dental dangers such as tooth decay, it is important to make sure their teeth are not susceptible to cavities. Because cavities exist in the form of dental erosion to the point a hole is forming in your tooth enamel, protective treatments such as dental sealants should be placed to ensure harmful acids cannot continue to breach the surface area of a tooth.

To help ensure your tooth enamel remain strong in the face of tooth decay and dental erosion, a dental sealant can be applied to the surfaces of teeth. Although your tooth enamel is strong, harmful acids can easily eat through it. Thus, a tooth prevention treatment in the form of a dental sealant can be applied to add an additional layer protection for your teeth

Dental sealants go on strong and can easily last up to 10 years of support. They consist of thin coatings painted directly onto the chewing surfaces of teeth. When dental sealants are applied, they can help protect teeth from future tooth decay. Ideally, dental sealants are placed on your back teeth such as your premolars and molars.

Dental sealants are extremely effective for children who are vulnerable to tooth decay. Because children are most at risk for cavities, a dental sealant should be placed as soon as their first molars begin to grow in. This typically occurs around the age of 6. Studies by the Center for Disease Control have shown that children with dental sealants are three times less likely to develop cavities on protected teeth.

The best smiles are made possible with dental sealants. To upgrade your smile with dental sealants, you are welcome to schedule a visit to our dentist in Loves Park, Illinois. If you would like Dr. Steven Pooley and our team at Pooley Dentistry to talk to you about dental sealants, please call our dentist office at 815-968-5434.