Soda and your Teeth

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If you love soda, you’re like millions of other adults in America who enjoy soft drinks on a daily basis. However, with as good as soda tastes, it’s a drink you should avoid if you value your oral health.

Soda causes a lot of oral health issues if you drink it daily – especially more than once per day. To help you understand why soda is so bad for your teeth, our team here at Pooley Dentistry put this post together to outline the negative effects of soda on your oral health.

Eats away your enamel

The enamel on your teeth is actually the hardest substance in the human body. It’s what protects your teeth against cavities, tooth decay, and a host of other problems.

The acids in soda erode that enamel, weakening the structure and health of your teeth. This is the number one reason you need to avoid regular soda consumption. A drink every now and then won’t destroy your enamel, but regular soda intake will. This is why we recommend taking every precaution available to avoid harm to your enamel.

Encourages plaque buildup

All the sugar present in soda doesn’t help with avoiding plaque buildup around your gums. If you drink a lot of soda and you’re not vigilant in brushing and flossing, you’ll end up with significantly more plaque built up than other people. This causes cavities and gingivitis, two issues you don’t want to deal with.

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