Tooth Replacement Therapy

If you need tooth replacement services, should you pick dentures, dental implants, or dental bridges? Although all three choices are highly effective in providing an aesthetically pleasing look that can look and function like natural teeth, they do have their differences. If you are looking for dentures, very little work needs to be done to prepare your smile and gums.... read more »

Dental Implants Can Increase Your Chances for Your Perfect Summer Smile

Dental implants can give you a chance for your perfect summer smile by filling out your facial structure and filling in any voids left behind by damaged or missing teeth. If these voids are not filled in, they can cause nearby teeth to shift and move, and the spaces can also begin to harbor harmful bacteria and food particles, which... read more »

Implant-Supported Bridges

One of the most effective ways to fix tooth decay, replace missing teeth, or give your smile a boost to make it the one you deserve most, is to use a dental bridge. However, if you’re missing multiple teeth in a row, or have advanced decay in a long stretch of teeth, then Dr. Steven Pooley may recommend that you... read more »