The Significance of Jaw and Facial Pain

To help improve your smile, assess all risk factors in your life that could be contributing to jaw and facial pain. Because jaw and facial pain is such a wide-ranging condition and linked to several problems and oral health risks, you may need to visit our dentist regularly to determine how the problem is presenting itself and what treatments can... read more »

Should You Be Concerned About Fluorosis?

Fluorosis is a condition that is characterized by white or even brown spots of streaks on the teeth. These streaks are harmless and are caused by an overexposure to fluoride. Fluorosis only affects teeth that have not yet erupted. Remember that fluorosis is not a threat to your child’s health. The problem is a cosmetic one, and can easily be... read more »

All About the Facts of Oral Tissues

Would you like a top-notch smile and oral health? If so, then you should do everything you can to keep your gums, also known as oral tissues, in tip-top shape. This is because your gums are a vital part of your smile and oral health. To help you properly care for your gums, our dentist, Dr. Steven Pooley, would like... read more »

Improve Your Oral Health with Dental Sealants

If you wish to protect your child’s smile against the dental dangers such as tooth decay, it is important to make sure their teeth are not susceptible to cavities. Because cavities exist in the form of dental erosion to the point a hole is forming in your tooth enamel, protective treatments such as dental sealants should be placed to ensure... read more »

Maintain a Happy Smile with Halitosis Treatments & Prevention

  Do you frequently protect your smile against the risks of halitosis that can easily plague and damage your oral health? Halitosis, also known as bad breath, is a common oral health condition that can arise from numerous causes, including poor dental health, and underlying ailments within the body. If you are suffering from bad breath, it is important to... read more »

Keeping Your Smile Safe for Halloween: Dental Abrasion and Candy

Although dental abrasion can occur at any time, it is often most prevalent during the holiday seasons due to the fact that numerous individuals consume extraordinary amounts of candy and other treats. During Halloween, it is important to exercise caution to ensure your smile can thrive. Make sure your cleaning utensils are up to the task. This includes a toothbrush... read more »

Help Your Child Curb the Thumb Sucking Habit by Doing These Things

It’s cute when a child sucks their thumb, right? The smile might not think so if your child sucks their thumb at an older age while their smile and mouth are developing. This is because the unnatural pressure can affect the development. So, it’s important to help your child curb the habit. Our dentist, Dr. Steven Pooley, has some tips... read more »

Tooth Replacement Therapy

If you need tooth replacement services, should you pick dentures, dental implants, or dental bridges? Although all three choices are highly effective in providing an aesthetically pleasing look that can look and function like natural teeth, they do have their differences. If you are looking for dentures, very little work needs to be done to prepare your smile and gums.... read more »

The Oral Health Care Guidebook to Dental Sealants

Have you ever wished there was a treatment that could be used to add an additional layer of protection to your teeth, sort of like a shield would do? If so, there is such a treatment. Dental sealants are preventative treatments that can fully prepare your teeth for the ravages of cavities and act as another buffer stronger than your... read more »

The Pain in Your Mouth May Be the Result of a Toothache

Have you ever wondered what a toothache feels like? Have you ever wondered if you would know you have one if it should ever occur? If you do experience any pain in your mouth, it may be the result of a toothache. Here are a few tips about spotting the warning signs of toothaches: - If you ever suffer from... read more »