Are You a Mouthwash Genius?

Think you’re a mouthwash know-it-all, eh? Let’s put your understanding to the test. Here are four questions that will aid you as you learn more about the power of mouthwash or as you prove that you’re already an expert: 1. This is the proper amount of mouthwash to use. a. 20 ml b. 40 ml c. 80 ml d. 200... read more »

Rinse Away Bacteria With Mouthwash

Mouthwash is a liquid solution used to rinse debris and bacteria form the mouth through gargling and/or swishing. When you use mouthwash, you clean your mouth and kill bacteria that can lead to the onset of gingivitis and periodontitis. Using mouthwash is an important part of any dental health routine. Mouthwash, which usually contains antiseptics for killing bacteria harmful to... read more »