The Significance of Jaw and Facial Pain

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To help improve your smile, assess all risk factors in your life that could be contributing to jaw and facial pain. Because jaw and facial pain is such a wide-ranging condition and linked to several problems and oral health risks, you may need to visit our dentist regularly to determine how the problem is presenting itself and what treatments can be given.

If you routinely struggle from jaw and facial pain, it could be linked to a deeper underlying condition that must first be treated properly. If you have any serious oral health conditions including TMJ disorders, gum disease or bruxism, you may experience jaw and facial pain as a side effect. Furthermore, oral accidents, infections, toothaches and even sinus problems can produce jaw and facial pain

If you suffer from chronic jaw and facial pain, visit our dentist so that the appropriate treatments can be given. If you routinely suffer from the conditions, medications such as pain relievers and muscle relaxants may help. Furthermore, oral health exercises to strengthen your jaw, as well as the use of antibiotics, may be required. In some instances, eliminating and targeting problems through root canal therapies, periodontal treatment or surgery may be required.

For additional assistance with jaw and facial pain treatments, the office of Pooley Dentistry is here to enhance your smile. If you would like to set up an appointment to come see Dr. Steven Pooley and our team at our dental office in Loves Park, Illinois, please call us at 815-968-5434.